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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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the quake struck at 320 a m centered in american canyon, south of napa, north of vallejo. you heard grant to talk about the damage in vallejo. we are learning one person is confirmed dead but officials are not saying it's hard death was quake related. an autopsy is planned for monday to determine the cause of death. at least 208 been treated it in the napa medical center. they have done a remarkable. remarkable few people are still getting treated at this hour. most injuries were minor but 17 people were admitted to hospital. we have had reporters on the streets all day long. we had felipe attend a press conference are to act that medical center.
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>> philippe djegal it has been a historical day here at the medical center. they typically see 85-100 patients at that medical center. the ceo and president of the hospital says he cannot confirm if all the patients and their injuries are related to the earthquake but it is still a very high number. the triage center is still set up behind me. there is one-tenth available things have started to simmer down and it is very quiet i. am not sure if there are any patients in the tent behind me. the hospital tells me that during the earthquake three employees were injured, mostly with sprains and bruises and. they are now okay. the hospital
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says there were inundated with volunteers and employees who came to help out. they stayed on shift for several hours. then the hospital sent them home so they're able to work tomorrow. there may be more injured coming tomorrow which may be related to the earthquake. most of the 208 patients that were treated here at the hospital have gone. many have bruises, bumps, and lacerations, is mainly what the second wave of patients experienced here. many were cleaning their homes and picking up glass and cutting themselves. that may continue into tomorrow so the hospital sent employees home so they could be prepared for another wave of patients tomorrow. it certainly was a busy, hectic day to day.
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the ceo was very pleased with how his staff reacted and says all the drills' leading to the earthquake actually. paid actually--paid off. they do not want to see any new lacerations so please take safety precautions. if you return back into a building take care. we have scot who is in the neighborhood of the young woman who died earlier today not, necessarily related to. the to >>j.r. stone it is a very difficult time for the mcdermott family. i spoke with the mother with the last
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hour. she told me they were looking for earthquake damage after the earthquake which is when they entered their 31 year- old daughter's room. she was unconscious and she later died. we have a number of possibilities. something may have fallen and hit her in the head but it is important to note that her daughter went to bed last night and the night before with headaches. the daughter suffered from fibril my house up and was being treated. she wanted to to get off the medication now. we're looking at the possibility that she had a brain aneurysm or that something may have fallen and hit her. we will not know the answers to what caused the death until after the autopsy. a very difficult time for family members and her mother.
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>>pam moore this death is still not confirmed to be associated with the earthquake but nonetheless, happening with in that time span. it does cast some sadness over the whole experience, particularly for this family. >> vicki liviakis and you see the devastation on many historic buildings and other buildings that have been red tag. a great many more have been yellow tagged meaning limited access. we will go back outside it was scott rates >> scott rates it has gotten much quieter here in the last half hour. this is the building here that was
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completely gutted from the outside. on the ground you see all the bricks on the ground and everything. this is one of 33 structures throughout the city that will have a red tag meaning is on safe according to building inspectors. it has gotten more quiet here in the past 30 minutes. many people and police were out here who have recently left. this building has a yellow tag, for restricted use. business owners can go in but they do have to be careful as it is dangerous inside with broken glass etc.. but there is no risk of the building collapsing. i am told by inspectors that 35 percent of the city has been inspected, leaving a large amount unchecked. so we do expect the red tag number to
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increase tomorrow. it will be backed out at 7:00 in the morning to look at these buildings. reporting in that box got rates >>reporter this is a hair salon and a an american can in that shows some perspective. it gives you the best idea of what things were like. you see a plant fall in the upper right and things coming off the shelves. you see some debris flowing in front, maybe from the ceiling.
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american canyon was the epicenter of what happened at 3:20 a.m.. we also won a look at that damage in vallejo. estimated at $5 million. we have not heard a a figure from now but city officials but there was a state of emergency declared in the city of napa made by the city manager. 41 buildings have been damaged and we're now getting some more specifics to that damage. the situation in vallejo is also serious. there are some red tagged buildings. vallejo has a lot to deal with by way of cleanup, there are still around
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15 water mains that are out which they are attempting to restore back to working order as we are now approaching the 24 hour mark. we now go back to their news room for more of your picks coming in to the news room. >> justine waldman we found some of these on face book and ends the gramm-- instagram. here we have a kitchen. everything on the floor, spilled out onto the floor. it is amazing to see how these doors and cabinets open and everything falls out. these look like electronics that were ripped off the wall and collapsed face down to the
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ground. these look like bunk beds on the ground. you see these huge heavy bricks lettered on the sidewalk. we comment on how lucky we were that the earthquake happened in the night when nobody was on the street. one of those bricks could have fallen you one that looked at these pictures and you can send those to us at our e- mail can also pose them to our web site and in the morning we'll have more on the damage.
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>>pam moore you can really look at those pictures and fathom that gravity of the situation. how widespread the damage was >> vicki liviakis we do have an update at the vallejo school district will be open tomorrow. but napa valley will not be open to. staff is required to show up but students are knocked. sonoma state will be open let's take a look at the yellow tagged buildings >> maureen kelly this house was crushed down on to its support beams. you can see it is now leaning at an angle. once the house collapsed, they could hear the sound of gas leaking.
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>> the house kind of shifted and fell apart. it hit the gas tank or whatever. it just started to go off. it smelled a really bad. >> maureen kelly the entire block had to be evacuated for an hour before gas could be shut off. residents inside the house tell me that it took awhile for the actual house to keep sinking. >> it was cracking. you could hear it leaking from the tank. it all went down very fast. >> maureen kelly from the side of the house you get a good idea of how bad the damage is a. take a look at this crack. it is about a 4 ft. distance that the house moved off its foundation. from this angle you can see how far down the house crashed. this family was not able to move
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their belongings outside of the house. >>pam moore and terrible amount of damage associated with this earthquake that occurred at 3:20 a.m.. we want to take you back to in news conference that occurred at 320 a m. we will--that occurred
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in that regards to the 3:20 a.m. earthquake.
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you can bring your own containers. with respect for roads and bridges, we have inspected every single one of our bridges. the good news is that all of our bridges seem to have responded very well. to well. if there is an issue, is the approach to that bridge that had settled a little bit next to the bridge. but my team explains that none of them have rendered the street impassible. pretty much all streets are open. our distribution water mains are also an attack. it is 60 different locations
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which affect 600 properties. >> vicki liviakis that is a big problem with the water main breaks. we go out on to the street with a crew that is trying to fix a water main off highway 29. >>dan is dirty, hard, and grueling work that they have been for hours. it could be four hours before this particular water main break is completely repaired. there are up to 60 water main breaks all over napa. many have been repaired but some buy, this one behind me a, have not. they have shut off water to the main so it is no longer leaking out to the roadway, however the next phase is to repair sections of the
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pipe that burst when the earthquake hit. the whole section of pipe does have to be replaced so this water service can be. be even if this wraps up before the night is over, they have more water main breaks to repair throughout the city. they brought in a large truck to put gravel in the trench so the workers inside can find some footing. they also reinforce the walls because they had to dig 48 in. down just to reach the tight. >>pam moore we have another report from earlier on a damage to a store --a cigar store in napa.
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>> alecia reid these guys came in to it assessed damages to their cigar store and have been working ever since. they have been working to make sure all the broken glass is gone. the window is now boarded up. owners and employees spent all their time cleaning up the debris. >> i was expecting it to be a lot worse. go read all the damaged cigars have been tossed out. not everyone is quite optimistic and grateful that no one was hurt. they plan to reopen by midday monday.
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>>jacqueline bennett
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the chances of an aftershock are dwindling by the hour. the significant aftershocks have been all quite large in number but most were actually quite small. the biggest was in the magnitude 3 range. all others were under three with most actually in the 1 range. we're down to about a 30 percent chance that of the a 5.0 aftershock in the next couple of days we're at a 5 percent chance we will see an earthquake in bigger than the one we saw. shake map from earlier today shows the area that had moderate civil to veer shaking
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the extent to which you felt the shaking really did depend on the soil that your home lies on. talking a little bit more about the fault line around the bay area. people were not aware of of where that of quick occurred. and everyone knows the san andreas fault. we also have the hayward fault and the calaveras
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fault. the earthquake actually occurred on the west napa fault which is thought to be an extension of the calaveras fault this is a strike slip fault. this is this is a side to side fault you can see of this fence on one side of the fault line displaced a couple of seats. this is the movement we saw. what we've been seeing above the earth as well is pretty disconcerting. we have
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historical buildings with the roof just falling in. let's go back down to the newsroom with more pictures. >> justine waldman let's get right to it a. these are the best pictures we have seen today. this is an entertainment center that toppled right over. the house did not lose power but underneath you see broken glass all over the entertainment center. parts of stereo equipment on the ground. these are pictures sent to us by steve who is 20 years old. he was badly injured because he had a fish tank above his and that broke in fell on top of him in the middle of the night. he went to the hospital and he has stitches in his left hand and a gash in his face. but he is
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doing a lot better. this is a picture of a car in downtown where brick tumble down and crashed the car. it is a historical is--building. we've shown this picture several times because is the so significant showing the damage of the ceiling has collapsed. this picture comes from other grocery stores and convenience stores in napa and delay help with everything in the shelf bell over inches deep. this store used kitty litter to soak up all but balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
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